Nick Brezonik

Nick Brezonik



Whether it’s photography, digital media, painting or even cooking, I’ve always enjoyed creative outlets.  Perhaps photography and digital media are my favorite ways to share my perspectives and stories.   I’m also an avid traveler with a deep affinity for the outdoors and our amazing public lands, so you’ll find my subjects lean heavily towards landscapes from my adventures to the American West and my beautiful home state of Minnesota.

Within this site are some of my favorite photos arranged in a variety of galleries.  Some of these galleries are the result of considerable thought and effort to produce professional content.  Others are purely a fun photographic record of a vacation or family event.

I’m certainly no pro, but I am continually striving to learn and improve on my craft.  I mostly shoot with Lumix cameras; both a full-frame S5-Mii and Micro Four-Thirds G9-Mii.

And as most photographers will tell you, the best camera is the one you have, so you’ll find a handful of shots on this site that were taken on an iPhone or a Canon point-and-shoot.  Lightroom does wonders in correcting for mistakes and even poor glass, and ultimately composition is what matters most (in my opinion anyway).

I hope you enjoy.  I know I have.


Lake Clark National Park

Why does one travel?  For me it’s the places you see and the excitement of somewhere new.  For both Mike and I, it was also... Read More "Lake Clark National Park"

24mm Challenge

Milwaukee's Third Ward shot at 24mm (with two exceptions which were shot at 50mm). Read More "24mm Challenge"


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